28 July 2019

YALC & LFCC 2019

A picture tells a 1000 words and all that! So in time honoured tradition I present my trip (on Friday) to YALC & LFCC in pictures..

Upstairs at Young Adult Literature Convention... 

I stalk *ahem* watch Ben Aaronovitch on the Myths panel and spend ages checking out the various giveaway and freebies available from authors, publishers and publicists:

Next, after more competitions, panels and book buying (all done dressed as Wonder Woman), I concluded that there were a lot of gothic displays around this year:  

Meanwhile downstairs...

I found Jason Momoa (actually this was upstairs in YALC by the lift, but the rest was downstairs at LFCC):

I mainly stocked up on geek merchandise (more to come in another post) and took pics of awesome cosplayers:

Until next time...


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