19 July 2015

Review - Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Liar
by Tara Bond

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Nina Baxter has her life all mapped out. She wants to work hard, take care of her younger sister and not end up like her drunk of a mother. Most of all, she plans to stay away from bad influences.

Alexander Noble doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. The heir to an unimaginable fortune, he’s never had to do a day’s work in his life, and devotes himself to pleasure and partying. 

When opposites attract…
From their very first meeting, Nina knows Alex is bad news, and vows to stay away from him. But as their paths continue to cross, she can’t help being drawn to him – especially when he makes no secret of his interest in her.

Can they resist the pull?
For the first time ever, Nina is on the brink of following her heart. But can she believe Alex when he tells her to trust him? Or is he just another beautiful liar? 

Published by Simon & Schuster UK - ISBN: 9781471111600

Author Spotlight:

Tara Bond grew up in Surrey, England. She read History at Cambridge University, before working in various sensible office jobs. She lives in London with her husband, and loves reading and writing, as well as watching movies and TV box sets. Her guilty pleasures are cocktails and chocolate desserts.


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I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Beautiful Liar is a story about hope and overcoming adversary. Nina works hard to keep her dysfunctional family together, taking nothing for granted - I'm pretty sure I could learn a thing or two about determination and inner strength from her. 

I liked the message Tara Bond purveys throughout the story, although I would have liked a couple of elements to have been explained a little more (I can't go into detail without posting huge big fat spoilers). At only 19, Nina has the daunting responsibility of looking after her younger sister and trying to sort out her mother's problems. She struggles to let her guard down and to accept help. 

The story takes a few twists and turns (some more unexpected than others). I had my doubts about certain characters from the start. I liked Nina, but I wanted her to make Alex work a bit harder at times to make amends. I warmed to Alex more than I was expecting (for the most part), but he didn't entirely win me over. Although I had a lot of sympathy for his situation, I wasn't sure about his earlier behaviour and I wouldn't have been as forgiving about certain 'antics' as she was. I did appreciate how hard he tried to look after Nina and her family. I have to admit I was a bit quick to judge Jas, who I kept expecting to be part of a big secret. 

I enjoyed the story but felt that Nina was a little rash at times. Also some of the conversations between Nina and Alex seemed a little awkward. It made a nice change to read an English story writing by an English writer - I particularly enjoyed reading the descriptions of the different parts of London (rather than just the usual expensive central areas). I wonder if April will get her own story?

3 Stars in my Sky!


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