16 January 2015

Theme Friday - Sequels

How do you feel about book sequels?

Me? I'm kinda torn. If I loved the book and characters I'm always going to want more story, but there's the potential of the sequel ruining the first book. 

To write a sequel the author is going to have to create tension, drama, angst etc because something needs to happen - I'm always pretty protective of my favourite characters (yes I know it's the authors work and not mine but as a reader I always build an affinity with certain characters).

How do you feel about a sequel set after the HEA where the couple split up, then either stay apart or end up back together after time apart? 

In theory I'm all for it BUT only if said event was part of the authors original plan or if it makes sense for the plot. If the book was always intended to be part of series or if there is simply more story to be told then why not?

A good example is Samantha Towle's Storm series. I loved The Mighty Storm and although I really wanted more Tru and Jake, I was worried about more drama in a sequel (there's lots of drama already in TMS) but Towle did a fab job with Wethering The Storm - Plus it made sense to hear more about their life together after everything that happened in TMS.

What I don't personally like is when an author is compelled to flog a cash cow (yes I know authors need to make money but surely it should be about more than this?). Writing a sequel purely to make more money has the potential to be catastrophic. You run the risk of upsetting your readers and damaging your brand by introducing unnecessary tension and drama. But when it comes down to it the author knows what's best for their characters.

An author I love recently posted about how certain couples won't be getting another book because it would only be about cashing in and creating unnecessary problems - What do you guys think? I have HUGE respect for this decision!!

Do you have any books that are sacred to you and you don't think should ever get a sequel?

For me I tend to be most protective of classical books, plays and poems. I think this is because they've already stood the test of time and would be difficult to recreate. My favourite book/play is The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I've seen numerous versions of the play on stage and watched as many people draw from the story (yes Ikea advert I mean you) but it would take a LOT to convince me anybody could ever recreate the brilliance of Shakespeare. 

How about when another author decides to write a sequel to a different author's book?

Has anybody read Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys? It's not a sequel as such, but it takes inspiration from Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and focuses on one of her characters.

Any there any books you'd love a sequel to?

I'm still holding out high hopes for a follow up to Stephenie Meyer's The Host - the idea of The Seeker has been around for ages and I really hope we get it sometime soon.

I'm a big fan of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instrument series (I actually enjoyed the movie) but was concerned when she decided to expand the trilogy to a six part series. BUT I needn't have worried because Clare is a goddess and I loved the final three books and how she ended the series with City of Heavenly Fire.

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