26 July 2013

Book Blitz: Master of Plagues by D.B. Reynolds

YA Fantasy
Date Published: 8/16/2012
Mystical powers. Cosmic adventure. Universally dynamic forces. A gifted individual has been commissioned to take part in of all these phenomenal occurrences.
     Stuart Duffelmeyer is an NYU student who is targeted by eight of his egomaniacal college classmates once they learn he wants to find a beautiful date for the night. His classmates lure him to a sleazy motel where they play out a heinous prank. His night ends in utter disappointment after learning that his classmates only used him for their perverted entertainment purposes. Stuart suffered severely as a result of their callous behavior and feels he must get even with his tormentors.
     A chance encounter allows him to discover a magical Hebrew talisman with indescribable powers. Stuart is taken away from Earth and into the far regions of another galaxy once the talisman is consecrated. The spirit of his one-time chief advisor, Rabbi Irwin Wedemeyer, explains to him that the talisman will grant him miraculous powers over all the creatures and elements of the Earth. Rabbi Wedemeyer insists that Stuart not abuse the powers bestowed upon him. He returns to Earth and quickly seeks out his vengeance.
     Stuart’s absolute domination over Earthly creatures and elements brings plagues of unspeakable horrors into the lives of his one-time tormentors. He finds closure once his former college classmates return to offer their apologies to him. He also finds fulfillment by using his powers to intercept the transgressive acts inflicted by the immoral people of society. This stirring tale delivers the purest message of magic and morality.

Megan remained the only hospital employee inside the break room. She couldn’t get the phenomenal event inside the ER out of her mind. With no warning, whatsoever, the door to the break room slammed hard enough to shake the adjacent walls. Chairs from surrounding tables tumbled sideways and backwards. The vending machines shook until the sodas and snacks fell to the bottom. A strong wind blew through the cracks of the windows. An unexplainable burst of dim light spilled into the break room.
     Megan jumped right out of her seat.
     Slowly, she backed away towards the closest wall.
     “What in the world’s going on in here!” she chattered, frightened into the coldest chills.
     Tiny ants, literally thousands of them, crawled from behind the vending machines.
     Through the cracks of the windows, and through the main break door, they showed up in record numbers. Up from the white tile across the floor, they made their presence known. Supernaturally, Megan watched as one particular red imported fire ant grew from a tiny insect into a large, human-sized ant. Other colony members grew to great sizes. Their instantaneous growth stunned Megan. From the midst of the now colossal-sized ants, came the supreme glowing presence of Queen Amina. The Queen fired a burst of light from her antennaes. The whole room lit up with a powerful red glow.    
     Megan picked up one of the chairs and threw it at Queen Amina. Her attempt to hurt the queen was foolish. The chair went through her like thin air. She tried running for the door. Other colony members intercepted her. The giant ants covered every inch of space inside the break room. Megan turned over several tables in attempts to barricade herself. She threw more chairs at the Queen and colony members.
Author Bio: D. B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, computer expert, and a chartered member of the Writer’s Guild Association, the Writer’s Lab and the Writer’s Place.  D. B. has published articles on various subjects in several literary magazines. In 2002, he made a guest appearance on the nationally-syndicated television show,  The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, to talk about his experiences in foster care and the present state of foster care. His newly published fantasy novel, Master of Plagues, was written to enlighten readers about the powerful correlation between magic and morality. D. B. currently resides in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

Website:  www.dbreynolds.net
Twitter:  @SUCCESS4DR


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