23 July 2013

Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: The Warlord's Concubine by J.E. and M. Keep

The Warlord's Concubine
Paranormal Romance (Explicit Sex)
Date Published: 6/1/2013

Mirella often wonders what her life would've been like had she been born a princess, rather than the property of one.

When a dark warlord from the north conquers her princess' kingdom, however, he has plans for the dainty young future-queen. It makes the question all the more poignant, because now, more is at stake than just her rough treatment, but love and lust as well.
As an indentured servant and handmaiden to the princess for much of her life, the middle-aged Mirella sees the conquest of the land as an opportunity to elevate herself. Though as she earns the trust of their conquerors, she finds her own nature challenged as well. A life of callous disregard has made her hard, but as she battles the princess' will for the first time and finds new allies and friends, does she have what it takes to win the love and favour of the brutal warlord? Will love and friendship be her downfall? Or will her station in life yet again be her undoing?
** Caution: The Warlord's Concubine is a dark fantasy novel that contains explicit scenes, and a twisted romance between a handmaiden and a God. **
I received a copy of The Warlord's Concubine in exchange for an honest review!
What I say (review): I wasn't entirely sure what to expect before I read The Warlord's Concubine but for some reason I had images of the Dothraki from Game of Thrones in my head. Well the conquering warlord wasn't exactly Khal Drogo but he was definitely a strong alpha male.

Upon sacking the city, the God-King (Mirella's words not mine) decides the best way to back up his claim is through the young, blonde, bratty and unwilling Princess. As the former handmaiden/servant to the Princess, Mirella is more than willing to serve (you can imagine what that involves) the God-King and help him with the Princess.
I found the Princess to be an extremely annoying character, but she wasn't in the story too much. Although she's meant to be irritating and a thorn in Mirella's side I still preferred the scenes without her. I like Mirella, but found her extreme devotion to the God-King and her er enthusiasm in assisting with his other concubines a bit much.
If you like erotica with a hint of historical and mythological fiction then you'll enjoy the story. Of course some won't like the dominant position of power the Warlord is in, but as much as I'm all for modern thinking ,it's worth considering that The Warlord's Concubine is a fantasy story set in another time.
3 - 3.5 Stars in my Sky!
She couldn’t recall at how long she might’ve been staring at that statue when she was disturbed, her gaze lost on that harsh stone depiction, entranced by the generous proportions of his muscles and loins. It was, as far as she could tell, true to form, but lacking in the expert subtleties a court artisan would bring to it.
“Most don’t even dare to look at it,” came that otherworldly voice, so richly masculine, irradiating such strength and command in a manner she’d never heard before.
In the torchlight of the tent she could make him out all the clearer. His charcoal skin was smooth and flawless. His face so chiselled and handsome. Hair long and perfectly shiny. Her first guess only seemed all the more right; a god. Though the dark clothes he wore, looking a blend of velvet and leather, mixed with his piercing dark gaze and skin, it didn’t take much guessing to place as what kind of deity he might be.
J.E. & M. Keep
J.E. and M. Keep have a passion for all things sci-fi/fantasy, and a desire to see what characters do when others fade to black. They set out to explore the most sexual, titillating and sometimes terrifying encounters. The plots are contemporary, fantasy, or science fiction, but they all have one thing in common: they’re hot.

From dark and taboo smut to coming-of-ages lust, from twisted love stories to tragic tales of self-destructive needs, they explore the fact that not all ‘Ever Afters’ are happy, and not everyone’s idea of happy is the same.

Come explore the limits of erotica and discover new desires from the smutty minds of J.E. & M. Keep. They can be found on their website at http://www.darkfantasyerotica.com/.


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