15 April 2013

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen Review

I know it has been out for a while but...

What they say: There are those who don’t get luck handed to them on a shiny platter, who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, who don’t get saved.

Luck was not on Callie’s side the day of her twelfth birthday when everything was stolen from her. After it’s all over, she locks up her feelings and vows never to tell anyone what happened. Six years later her painful past consumes her life and most days it’s a struggle just to breathe.

For as long as Kayden can remember, suffering in silence was the only way to survive life. As long as he did what he was told, everything was okay. One night, after making a terrible mistake, it seems like his life might be over. Luck was on his side, though, when Callie coincidentally is in the right place at the right time and saves him.

Now he can’t stop thinking about the girl he saw at school, but never really knew. When he ends up at the same college as Callie, he does everything he can to try to get to know her. But Callie is reserved and closed off. The more he tries to be part of her life, the more he realises Callie might need to be saved.

What I say: I always look forward to reading anything new by Jessica Sorensen because
you can pretty much guarantee to get an angst ridden, emotional read that is both cutting and beautiful. With The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden this is exactly what you get!

Make no mistake, Jessica covers some extremely difficult topics in The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. Both her leads have suffered and had pretty upsetting childhoods. This both brings them together and draws them apart.

Just when you think Kayden has made a big move forward, you discover another shocking truth about him, and don't get me started on that ending!? I cried. A LOT!!

I was disgusted when I realised what had happened to Callie and totally understand Kayden's response. I think Jessica Sorensen handles these traumatic issues with great sensitivity and both Callie and Kayden were really believable characters.

I'm both excited and extremely nervous for the next instalment.

4.5 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • No, I just never wanted to throw them away. Even if they were broken, I still loved them.
  • I can do pain. That's the easy part of life. It's everything else, happiness, laughter, love, that's fucking complicated.
  • "Don't stop," I whsiper, my heart restless, but sure. "I don't ever want you to stop."

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