2 April 2013

WonderCon and City of Bones Movie!

 I'm going to start off by expressing my jealousy of all your lucky Americans who went to WonderCon this weekend and got the see the TMI City of Bones movie panel (it's a long way to go from the UK so I had to live it vicariously online via twitter and blog updates etc)! My personal fav moment of WonderCon was when JCB made an accidental pun about the incest storyline. Having a 'please let the ground swallow me up' moment at WonderCon must have sucked for him, but it was kinda awesome for the fans and Cassie Clare defo enjoyed it "Well, that's ironic!" Cassie has videos of the "yeah I love my sister" moment on her blog by the way!

The lovely ladies over at the City of Bones Movie fansite have heaps of videos and pics from WonderCon 2013 on their site so check them out!

Since writing this, the 2nd TMI City of Bones trailer has been released and it is amazing! And so the countdown until August begins!!


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