2 April 2013

TMI City of Bones Movie Trailer - WOW!

Oh. My. God!! The New City of Bones movie trailer is awesome! Surely Jamie Campbell Bower has struck his critics dumb after that?! His Krav Maga has clearly been paying off, because he look bad ass as Jace! This 2nd extended trailer includes some scenes from the first and a whole heap of new stuff (hello Magnus)! The Shadowhunter look really suits Lily Collins and she really does look better in black! Note the scene where she bumps into an old friend whilst dressed in gear "Clary, you look different"!

I won't give you a step by step run through of the trailer as I think it deserves to been seen to be believed, but I will say that everything looks awesome. I'm not sure why Jamie still has his natural blue eyes instead of Jace's golden ones, because we know he wore red contacts in the Twilight movies, so can clearly wear them (perhaps gold contacts made him look to Cullen-like)! Eye colour aside I have to say Jamie looks hot as Jace.

I was always a big supporter of Logan Lehman for Simon, but after seeing Robbie I think he plays the part so well. Robbie really seems to get the humorous aspects of Simon (see his perfectly timed werewolf comment)! Jemima and Kevin look great as Izzy and Alex and I could not get over how much Lena Hedley looks like Lily Collins.

All things considered the movie looks like it's going to be awesome and do Cassie's book justice! The lucky people at WonderCon got to see the shiny new City of Bones movie trailer early, the rest of us mere mortals had to wait until Monday evening to watch it online at itunes trailers! But it was so worth the wait!

For up to date City of Bones movie updates check out the official site!


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