24 August 2019

Review - Summer Heat

Summer Heat - Cruel Summer #1
by Rachel Van Dyken

What they say: Spoiled Princess is what he used to call me.

We were an inferno of hate and passion wound up with a dash of chaos.

For four years I watched him mow my lawn.
For four years I watched my friends make fun of him.
For four years I hated myself for wanting him, but even more for the way I treated him.

And then I had him.
For one night, we put all labels away and I spent the best night of my life in his arms.
Then the next day, with my secret night under lock and key, I looked the other way while my friends shamed him.

But now the jokes on me, because the scrawny lawn boy who I secretly loved from afar is now the director of Hollywoods most exclusive summer camp.

And I'm on his staff.
Now it's his turn to punish me.
His turn to make me pay.
His turn to take his revenge after years of humiliation.

He's no longer a boy you can ridicule.
But a college graduate who can have any woman he wants.
I want him to look at me the way he did that one night we had together, but right now
the look in his eyes tells me he's going to enjoy having me under him for two straight months.
I don't know where his hatred ends, his passion begins.
All I know is he wants revenge.
And I'm his lucky target. 

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I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Summer Heat is the first in a new three parter from RVD. I enjoyed the angst and drama and all the Fame meets Dirty Dancing vibes!

Stuck-up or spoiled princess, Ray finds herself at the mercy of her former rival and the guy she belittled for years. Except she's not either of those things and is no longer the same girl who treated Marlon so badly at high school. 

Marlon has really come into his own in both looks and talent. There's no way he'll let the rich girl who tormented him and stole his scholarship when she didn't even need it, ruin his summer. It's payback time!

The flirty banter and general snipping made me smile but I'm not sure how Ray didn't recognise Marlon straight away - I can only imagine he looked hella different! This is not something I usually say as I often get annoyed when writers include too much back story or flashbacks but I would have liked a little more info on their childhood and what happened at school - perhaps in the next instalment...

Oh the cliffy! I read this one a while ago and am still stewing over the ending and the wait to see what happens next!

4 Stars in my Sky!


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