5 September 2015

Review: Sustain

by Tijan

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What they say: Stand-alone!! 

I had a simple life. 
I worked two jobs, made ends meet, and hung out with my mom and twin brother. The other part of my life was about avoiding him, but when SWAT raided my boyfriend’s home, that was the last straw. The boyfriend got tossed and to help me keep busy, my brother talked me into joining their old band again, but I had to be honest. It wasn’t a hard sell. Playing drums was in my blood. I used to be addicted and that craving hadn’t been satisfied in three long years. The only problem was their lead singer. 
It was him. 
The drums might not have been the only thing I was addicted to. I think I was still addicted to him too.

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What I say: This was a bit hit or miss for me, and even after waiting ages to write up my review, I'm still extremely conflicted about Sustain. I still haven't managed to read a Tijan book without nearly throwing something, and suffering from a heart palpitation or two - seriously nobody does angst and drama like Tijan!! 

Sustain is about mixed messages, misunderstandings and of course heartbreak. I  have to admit I was expecting more of the story to focus on Brielle and Luke because it's their book, but we do get a lot of info on the other characters. This was both good and bad. It's always nice to broaden the spectrum, but I would have liked to focus on them and their past more. I also felt sorry for Eli and never completely understood why she ran straight to him.

I enjoyed the musical element although I couldn't get my head around how they were able to throw her out of a band when she was a founding member, and one she also performs on their original songs. They were several quick lineup changes, which, once the band made it big seemed a bit unrealistic - BUT it did increase the drama! I liked how they communicated through music. I really didn't understand Emerson, but I did like Braden and thought he was really sweet with his twin.

I think the main issue I had with Sustain was that it tried to cover too many topics without devoting enough time/page space to the big fat main problems. I did enjoy the book and would like to read another story about some of the secondary characters.

3 Stars in my Sky!


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