2 March 2014

What Comes After - the next year on Zili in the Sky

Yesterday I celebrated my first blogiversary - I can't believe it's been a year since I started Zili in the Sky (admittedly my first post was a rant about how I sat on my kindle). 

I wanted to take this time to say a HUGE MASSIVE GREAT BIG THANKS to everybody who has supported, helped and befriended me online this year. I love chatting to you all on the blog, Twitter, Facebook and via email. I really appreciate you taking the time to swing by the blog and taking the time to read and reply to my rambling - it means a LOT!!

So I survived my first year as a book blogger and thought I'd let you know some of the things I have planned for the next year...

I have a buttload of REVIEWS, TOURS and ARC fun coming your way. I'm also looking into expanding my guest post and review section because one voice is good, but surely more is better? I also wanted to say thanks to all the awesome authors out there who have trusted me with their books, tours and giveaways - you rock!

Every time I stumble across a blog with a kick ass design I think about mine and how I REALLY need to have one professionally made. I'm currently looking into getting the BLOG REDESIGNED with logos, headers etc made. I haven't got the time, patience or quite frankly the skill to do this myself so if anybody out there is up for the challenge of a blog redesign then please email me.

GIVEAWAYS & FREE STUFF - As well as taking part in tour and giveaway hops, I'm going to be holding monthly giveaways where you can WIN not only books but other random stuff including jewellery and makeup (basically random cute stuff I love). 

I love FEATURES!! As well as my usual WAITING ON WEDNESDAY feature I'm going to be posting THEME FRIDAYS and showing my love for the CLASSICS. Theme Fridays (which I'll aim to run at least once a month) will feature a post about a particular topic such as the Anti-hero or cheating in books. I'll be encouraging y'all to join in the debate. I love modern fiction in its many forms but every now and again I'm going to feature posts on my favourite classical books. I'm including anything and everything from Shakespeare to Austen, explaining why I love these books and offering you the chance to WIN them (don't worry this won't be a lecture I promise)!! 

Please keep sending me any ideas and suggestions for the blog and let me know what you think in the comments section, Twitter and my Facebook page. I've just opened a Pinterest account so check that out too.

Thanks again for all your support and don't forget to enter the Blogiversary giveaway to enter the goodies below plus Amazon gift cards. 

Don't forget caring is sharing!!

Z xx


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