28 March 2014

Her Best Laid Plans Review

by Eve Devon 

Publisher: HarperCollins HarperImpulse
Release Date: 27/02/14
Genre: Contemporary Romance

What they say: Love is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans…

The Totally Perfect Life Plan of Amanda Gray

Step 1 – Take total control of own destiny and avoid getting too wrapped up in the details.

Step 2 – Definitely do NOT kiss gorgeous bad-boy businessman who doesn't know how to live life without scheduling it six months in advance, even if he is absolutely irresistible.

Step 3 – Don't even THINK of accompanying him to London as his PA to enjoy steamy encounters in a metropolitan paradise.

Step 4 – Absolutely, positively, whatever you do- do NOT fall in love with him…

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review!

What I say (review): From the very beginning of the story it's clear Amanda is lost. She's impulsive and hasn't really figured out what she wants to do with her life or where she wants to be. Her older brother's best friend Jared is her complete opposite; he's a focused, determined and hugely successful businessman.

I must admit I was expecting the usual girl and her brother's best friend dynamic, where the inexperienced girl has been saving herself for the promiscuous bad boy. Although there were a few similar elements this isn't what you get in Her Best Laid Plans. Jared is Amanda's friend too and they're very close; they banter, flirt and bicker. Amanda is aware of Jared's hotness but has no desire to become his latest hookup and she's not shy to put him in his place.

Both Amanda and Jared go through many changes in the book. She learns to think things through and to actually make a plan and stick to it, whereas Jared learns to go with the flow and believe in something which isn't meticulously planned out in great detail. 

The ending was a bit on the quick side and I didn't totally buy that they'd go from where they were to where they end up so quickly (this is only a small part of the story though). I liked getting both POV's but I have to say at times the POV would switch back and forth in strange places and I wasn't always entirely sure who's thoughts I was reading.

The message of the book was pretty positive and it was nice to see Amanda and Jared balancing each other out. It was also good to see her finding her passion and for him to face his past.

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


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