28 March 2014

To Review or Not to Review

I've received a LOT of review requests recently and thought I should probably update you all on my review policies. 

I appreciate every single request and the people who take the time to contact me!! 

Because of my ridiculously long TBR list, sometimes I have to restrict my review genres or even close the blog for review requests completely. I loath doing this but I don't want authors, publishers, promotors and readers waiting for reviews I won't have time to write.

Current requests:

I'm currently ONLY accepting Fantasy & paranormal YA books for review! This is because I have a lot of other genres waiting in my TBR pile/list! 

Other genres will not be accepted at this time and because I receive a LOT of review requests on a daily basis I won't be able to contact you unless I want to review your book (sorry about that).

As soon as I have reduced my list I'll open the blog up for other genres.

NOTE: Please do not send me copies of book unless I have already agreed to review it (please just send me your request with book, publishing details and tour dates)!! Your email will end up in my spam folder and I'll probably never see it (this is because I will not open attachments unless I know who they are from for virus reasons).

  • I DO NOT receive payment for reviews and express MY opinion of the book and nobody else's! I cannot buy a book on request to review then receive vouchers back (to have it show as a 'purchased on Amazon' book). If I do this for one, I have to do it for everybody and it will unfairly influence sales/download figures. Plus there is the country region issues. This is generally a whole can of worms I don't want to touch - sorry!
  • I try to get back to everybody BUT I receive so many emails with review/tour/cover reveal requests and I cannot possibly reply to them all. If you don’t hear back from me within a week or so then I’m sorry it means I don’t have the time to review a book or the book doesn’t sound like my thing. 
  • I’m a Brit and we hate being rude. If I had the time I would reply to every email and read every book I’m sent but unfortunately this isn’t possible. This is not a reflection on your book/idea, it's just down to my lack of time. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't keep harassing me chasing a review it makes me sad.

For my FULL POLICY info head over to the POLICY page :)


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