10 January 2014

Monica Murphy's DREW + FABLE FOREVER Anniversary

Monica Murphy and the awesome team at Inkslinger PR are hosting a very special anniversary tour in honour of her Drew + Fable series!

I'm reminiscing about the series, remembering when I first came across their story and my fav book. Plus looking at my fav quotes and of course obsessing about Marshmallows...!

I came across One Week Girlfriend by accident! My kindle features recommended books, most of which are either terrible or I ignore them. When One Week Girlfriend appeared in my recommendations I was drawn to the cover and found myself 1-clicking. This was way back before I started my blog and before I started posting my reviews, but I was instantly drawn to Drew and Fable's story.

Before reading I was expecting to find Fable annoying (because let's be honest - a lot of female MC's in New Adult fiction often are) but thankfully she really isn't! Despite myself and thanks to Monica's awesome story I really liked Fable. She's a great lead and wonderfully written.

Oh Drew! What a hot complicated mess you are! I was on to Adele fairly early on in the story, but I found whenever she would appear or when Drew talked about her really upsetting. Monica does a great job of portraying Drew's turmoil, so that he is vulnerable, believable and swoon worthy! 

Even though Drew is super closed-off (and this can sometimes annoy me in NA books) I found myself instantly pulled into Drew's world and his suffering. I found myself shouting "Marshmallow!" at certain points, but I loved how these two damaged people begin to open up to each other. 

At times throughout the series I wanted to scream, cry and hit something, but I also found their journey uplifting and hopeful; they're a brilliant example of resilience!

My fav One Week Girlfriend quotes:

"Marshmallow?" "Totally random, right? It make's no sense. That's what makes it better."

"M-A-R-S-H-M-A-L-L-O-W." My heart threatens to burts and I clutch the note to my chest. His secret message fills me with so much hope and love.

“This isn’t a game to me, Fable. This is my life. And I want you to be a part of it … I want you and you only. I’m not sharing you with anyone else.” 

“I want to believe in the fairy tale.” 

I love all the books in the series but my favourite will always be One Week Girlfriend because it was the beginning of their story!!

About One Week GirlfriendBreakout sensation Monica Murphy takes the New Adult genre by storm with the deeply emotional, completely addicting story of Drew and Fable.

Temporary. That’s the word I’d use to describe my life right now. I’m temporarily working double shifts—at least until I can break free. I’m temporarily raising my little brother—since apparently our actual mother doesn’t give a crap about either of us. And I always end up as nothing but the temporary girlfriend—the flavor of the week for every guy who’s heard the rumor that I give it up so easily.

At least Drew Callahan, college football legend and local golden boy, is upfront about it. He needs someone to play the part of his girlfriend for one week. In exchange for cash. As if that’s not weird enough, ever since he brought me into his world, nothing really makes sense. Everyone hates me. Everyone wants something from him. And yet the only thing Drew seems to want is . . . me.
I don’t know what to believe anymore. Drew is sweet, sexy, and hiding way more secrets than I am. All I know is, I want to be there for him—permanently.


The second we walk into the guesthouse, I exhale a huge sigh of relief, thankful to be out of that stifling house where I grew up. I still can’t believe how Adele acted toward me, like a jealous girlfriend ready to sink her claws into Fable. Calling her my little Fable, what the hell?
And my dad blatantly checked her out. It made my skin fucking crawl and I’m not the one who got the once over. This is far worse than I thought it would be and I’m embarrassed.
Maybe we should leave. Maybe I should put Fable on a bus and send her back home so I don’t have to subject her to this any longer. It’s awful and I don’t want to put her through it. I’ll even let her keep the money.
“Your parents are freaks.”
Her sweet voice insulting the people who raised me shocks me so much I start to laugh. And once I start, I can’t seem to stop. It feels good. When had I last laughed like this? I can’t remember.
“Are you laughing because I’m telling the truth, or because it’s better to laugh than yell at me for knocking your parents?” Fable sounds a little nervous, but I detect amusement in her tone too.
“You’re brutally honest and I appreciate it,” I finally say once I find my voice again. “And I agree. They are freaks.”
“It was so tense in there. I don’t get it.” She glances around the guesthouse. With its open floor plan and near identical wall of windows facing the ocean like the living room in the main house, it’s still impressive, but on a less grander scale. A lot more comfortable in here, doesn’t give off that ‘look but don’t touch’ vibe. “Oh, you have a deck outside. I want to check it out.”
I watch her slip through living area, heading toward the door, which she unlocks and opens without hesitation. I follow her, curious to hear more of her observations of my freaky family and I slip outside onto the deck.
She’s already leaning against the railing facing the ocean, the wind blowing through her long pale hair. She reaches into the pocket of her thin black coat and pulls out a single cigarette and a lighter, her expression full of embarrassment. “I’ve pretty much broke the habit I swear, but I like to carry a few cigs with me in case of an emergency.”
“And what happened in there is considered an emergency?”
Fable flashes me a quick smile before she cups her hand around the lighter and flicks it once, twice. Three times before it finally ignites. The cigarette dangles from between her lips and she brings the lighter to the tip, taking a drag and causing it to light. “Oh my God, totally.” She blows out a stream of smoke over the railing and the little gray cloud hovers in the darkness before it slowly disappears. “Your dad…I think he was checking me out.”
“He was,” I agree, my voice low. “I’m sorry.”
“Not your fault.” She waves her hand, as if waving away what my dad did.
“I brought you here. Technically it’s my fault.”
Another wave of her hand as she dismisses my words. “I don’t look at it that way. I’ll just say this. Next time you bring a fake girlfriend, maybe you should prepare her a little better.”
I chuckle. There’s no way I’m bringing another pretend girlfriend here again. If I had my way, I’d never come back. I don’t care how beautiful this place is. I hate it. This house is like a prison to me.

One Week Girlfriend Links:

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Say hello to the latest and soon to be released instalment in the series Four Years Later - A spin-off featuring Fable's brother Owen!

Four Years Later (Releases February 25, 2014)New Adult bestselling author Monica Murphy winds up her sensational series with this sexy story of two college kids with nothing in common but a bunch of baggage and a burning attraction.

Over. That about sums up everything in my life. Suspended from my college football team and forced to cut back my hours at The District bar because of my crappy grades, I can’t keep turning to my sister, Fable, and her pro-football playing husband, Drew, to bail me out. I just can’t seem to find my own way. Weed and sex are irresistible temptations—and it’s messed up that I secretly hand over money to our junkie mom. A tutor is the last thing I want right now—until I get a look at her.

Chelsea is not my type at all. She’s smart and totally shy. I’m pretty sure she’s even a virgin. But when she gives me the once over with those piercing blue eyes, I’m really over. But in a different way. I won’t deny her ass is killer, but it’s her brain and the way she seems to crave love—like no one’s ever given her any—that make me want her more than any girl I’ve ever met. But what would someone as seemingly together as her ever see in a screwed up guy like me?

Four Years Later Links:

Author Spotlight: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.

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