25 June 2013

Show Some Loving to BlogLovin!

For some reason (it's pretty much a mystery to me as to why) Google Reader is going the way of the minidisc and is being scrapped!

So to keep up to date with all of your favourite blogs, bloggers and general shenanigans if you're using Google Reader a new feed/subscription is needed.

I've shifted over to BlogLovin' (1. Coz I love the name. 2. It's easy to use/set up and 3. I really didn't wanna login to find all my subscriptions had just vanished).

All you need to do is:

Sign up for a BlogLovin' account (super easy and quick)!
Import your Google Reader subscriptions (it asks of you want to do this and then does it for you). 

Or find yourself another similar feeder and keep up to date with all your blogs - I picked BlogLovin as my fav blogs were already on it, but if you have any better suggestions please let me know!

You can follow Zili in the Sky here: Follow my blog with Bloglovin (or use the buttons on my sidebar for BlogLovin', follow by email or add to circle in Google+ ).
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