20 June 2013

GUEST REVIEW: Immortal City

If you recall I had trouble deciding whether or not I liked Scott Speer's Immortal City, and I decided I needed another opinion (hence the Giveaway). Well the lovely Anne Pel has read and written an awesome review. Over to you Anne:
I recently found out that I really love ‘angel books’. I can’t really explain why, maybe because they are always so heroic, gorgeous, hot and easy to fall in love with.

The idea behind this book is amazing, a world where angels exists and if you have enough money you can buy protection from one of them. To my own surprise it took me quite some time to get into this story. I guess it is because it took Scott Speer about a quarter of the book to finally finish introducing. Then it was another quarter of the book for our main characters to get to know each other, again way to long.

Compared to the beginning the last half was a lot better. We get more insight in the history, relationships start, there are some bad ass fighting scene’s and the ending of the book makes you want to read the sequel  (unfortunately we still have to wait a little while for that one).

Maddy doesn’t want anything to do with angels, she believes it is not fair that only the rich can be saved because of their money and the poor are left to fend for themselves. Also the fact that angels earn loads on their saves makes it easy for Maddy to dislike them. I guess that I get where Maddy is coming from. I have the same idea about it, but on the other hand I would also be totally in love with them.

When Jackson, the most popular angel on the planet meets Maddy, there is an immediate chemistry. Jacks can’t stop thinking about her; to find out why he is feeling these things he visits here. But things don’t go as planned and Maddy doesn’t want anything to do with him. This is all new to him; normally girls would pay millions to be near him. After a flight above Angel City and some sweet talk from Jackson, Maddy also can’t hide her feelings for Jackson anymore and gives in.

If I were Maddy I would have jumped him right from the beginning, but to be honest I find it all a bit fast. First she really, really dislikes him (even though she feels some weird attraction to him) and then after, well actually nothing, she totally loves him. I wish everything was that easy in real life. The stupid thing of the whole love - hate relationship is that in the book description we already read that they will fall in love, and than to know that at least half of the book is about this..

All in all I did like this book, and I will definitely read the sequel to see what happens to Jackson and Maddy. In the end I guess it was all a little predictable, especially at the beginning (the ending had a really nice twist in the plot). I would recommend this book to others who like Young Adult Fantasy, it is an easy read and will entertain you for at least a few hours. 
Anne gave Immortal City 3.5 Stars!

You can check out more of her reviews over at Pursuit of Books - she has some great reviews (and a very pretty blog)!

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