11 June 2013

ARC Review: Act Like You Love Me by Cindi Madsen

ARC given in exchange for an honest review!

What they say: All’s fair in acting and amore…

Brynn McAdams isn’t the awkward drama geek she was in high school—she’s grown up and confident, or at least she likes to think so. But when her old crush, the impossibly handsome and impossibly unattainable Sawyer Raines, comes back to town to direct her community play, Brynn finds herself determined to be someone other than the girl he doesn’t even recognize. Good thing she’s an excellent actress.

After his bad breakup in NYC, the last thing Sawyer wants is to get involved with another actress. But the glamorous and beautiful Brynn draws him in, even though as her director, he knows she’s off-limits. There’s just something about the woman that feels…familiar. Like home.

As Brynn’s lies start to snowball, she struggles to stop acting and come clean. But what if Sawyer is already falling for the fake Brynn, not the Brynn she truly is?

  • Act Like You Love Me is published by Entangled (Bliss)!

What I say: What I really liked about Act Like You Love Me was how easy the main character Brynn was to identify with. Almost everybody has that one guy or girl in their past who turns them to mush and makes them lose all sense. We've all suffered through an embarrassing unrequited teenage crush, but how many of us have run into said crush years later and still have the same infuriating reaction?
I felt genuinely sorry for Brynn and her horrific high school experiences and could totally understand why she felt the need to hide her past. It's the classic dream of meeting the hot guy who didn't want or notice you as a teenager and years later have him suddenly realising your extreme attractiveness. The problem for Brynn is that Sawyer doesn't even recognise or remember her and she accidentally gets trapped in a web of lies. She's very honestly dishonest!
Sawyer was exactly what a great hero should be: Hot - check, vulnerable and damaged - check, strong, caring and determined - check, check, check! I enjoyed the banter between Brynn and Sawyer, and getting to read Sawyer's inner thoughts was a good addition to the book. Sawyer's responses to Brynn's sudden changes of mood and her numerous U-turns were hilarious.

4 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  •  Normally she reserved hate for things like olives and mushrooms and any other food with textures that weren't quite right. But Sawyer was one of the few people who deserved it.
  • His Head broke the surface of the water. He shook his hair and shot her a sheepish grin. "That went differently in my head."
  • "You use blankets to ride donkeys? And how many donkeys have you ridden?"
  • "Hey, Lance. Gwen. How's Camelot these days? Probably more cagey than you thought it'd be, huh?"

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