28 March 2013

Mixed Messages

I recently received an email asking me to classify my blog more in terms of genre and target audience. The sender went on to say that she enjoys my colloquial reviews and wit, but is often confused as to my target audience and who should read my blog.

Well I suppose this is a fair question because I do review and blog about many different types of books and am fairly open about my interest in adult, teen and children's literature. The truth is that I read and write about what I enjoy. My favourite books include classics such as Wuthering Heights, pretty much anything written by Shakespeare and Robert Frost's poetry. It also includes a lot of historical novels both fiction and non-fiction, particularly anything to do with ancient Rome and Tudor England. I also love children's fiction ranging from Room 13, to Harry Potter or Five Children and It to The Hobbit. In recent years my main love has been fantasy, distopian fiction and sci-fi (often YA) so you're very likely to read me waxing lyrical about Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, Tolkien, Richelle Mead, Amanda Hocking and Jennifer L Armentrout. I'm also not above a bit of smut so look out for that too.

Let me put all this into context. I recently gained a Masters degree in English and English Literature. My dissertation was primarily on Paradise Lost, The Bible, Lord of the Flies, The Coral Island and The Hunger Games Trilogy. Quite a mixture I'm sure you'd agree, but the examiners appreciated the different take I provided by analysing the intertexual relationships between these books. When it comes down to it, I believe that people should focus on what they enjoy and that's very much what I intend to do. I called my blog Zili in the Sky because I often feel like I live with my head in the clouds, but I think investing in literature is a wonderful way to spend your time.

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