1 March 2013

Never sit on a Kindle!!

Yesterday I learnt that my trusted Kindle may be many things, but squish-proof it is not! I had intended on my first post being a quirky welcome to my new blog, where I would explain my love of reading. I would have mentioned how I like the awesomeness of New Adult books, the grown-up aspects of adult fiction (I'm most definitely not above smut), my almost criminal obsession with YA books and a nod to the classics, poetry, movie and film adaptations and everything in between!
But then last night after reading Please Don't Stop the Music, by Jane Lovering which is the current number 1 free download on the UK Kindlestore (more on that soon) I managed to sit on my Kindle. Needless to say there is now a huge crack in the corner and I'm an E-reader down! On the upside I have my not-so-shiny new blog to distract me and it also means I get to buy the new Kindle Fire!
As a sort of welcome, I should firstly say Hello; so Hello! I read a LOT, I've just completed an English Masters Degree which covered everything from Sophocles, Bronte and Hardy to Clare, Meade and Collins (yes I did manage to work The Hunger Games into my dissertation alongside Milton). I'm always recommending books to my friends, writing online reviews and generally obsessing about the newest releases and stalking my favourite book blogs, so I figured it was about time I started my own blog. Zili in the Sky is the result (yes I am Zili). The site is very basic at the moment, I'm busy updating the templates and writing up my reviews so please keep checking for improvements! Here's hoping I don't sit on my new Kindle or drop it in the bath! Zili x

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