31 March 2013

Author Love

We all have our own favourite go to authors. Those who can be trusted to also produce an enjoyable read. Then there are those authors who we can guarantee will write an awesome book. That extra special, change your life read. These are all well and good but then there are the type of authors who take their reader relationship to then next level. By this I mean those authors who take time to interact with their readers, those who genuinely care about their readers. After all it is us readers who support the industry and therefore them.

I think we should celebrate those authors who go the extra mile. The Cassie Clare's, Richelle Mead's and Jennifer L Armentrout's of the world. These lovely ladies and others like them, keep in regular contact with readers on Twitter, Facebook, their blogs and websites. They offer special book tours, 100s of book extras and awesome giveaways. These ladies put up with a lot of negativity from disgruntled readers (how dare you kill off so and so?! Or, why did the heroine end up with guy x instead of guy y? The actor cast in the movie adaptation of your books is far too unattractive to play xxxx, etc) yet they still make the effort to update readers on book/movie news and answer our many thousands of questions and comments, when they genuinely do not have to do this.

Rather than any negativity or hating (I really dislike that phrase) I think we should say thank you to these authors for not only providing such amazing characters but also for investing in and appreciating readers!!

Over the next few weeks on Zili in the Sky I'm going to be running individual posts on some of these outstanding authors. I'll be remembering previous releases, looking forward to their next creations and generally worshipping their awesomeness! In the meantime you can check them out here:

Jennifer L Armentrout/J Lynn
Cassandra 'Cassie' Clare
Richelle Mead

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