15 March 2013

Four - 18 Going on 28

A quick note on the casting of Tobias 'Four' Eaton in the Divergent movie!

Veronica Roth's Divergent is one of my favourite YA series around at the moment. I've been obsessively following the movie details, and this week so far we've been spoilt! So far we've been given Caleb, Tori, Christina, Eric and now FOUR!! (check out Deadline for more details)!

Now I'm a big fan of uber sexy Theo James (namely coz he was a scandalous hottie in Downton Abbey) but at 28 he's ten years older than Four and I wonder if he'll look too old compared to Shailene Woodley as 16 year old Tris?! Now Shailene is a young looking 21 so this remains to be seen but in a lot of pics I've seen of Theo he doesn't look 28 and can pass as younger so lets wait and see!!

I'm seeing this development as positive because we know Theo can act and he does seem to embody Four rather than many of the teenage pretty boys who reportedly also auditioned for the role! 

So I say congrats Theo, good luck & now go kick some Erudite butt!!

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