5 March 2017

The Delphi Effect - Review

The Delphi Effect
by Rysa Walker

What they say: It’s never wise to talk to strangers…and that goes double when they’re dead. Unfortunately, seventeen-year-old Anna Morgan has no choice. Resting on a park bench, touching the turnstile at the Metro station—she never knows where she’ll encounter a ghost. These mental hitchhikers are the reason Anna has been tossed from one foster home and psychiatric institution to the next for most of her life.

When a chance touch leads her to pick up the insistent spirit of a girl who was brutally murdered, Anna is pulled headlong into a deadly conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government. Facing the forces behind her new hitcher’s death will challenge the barriers, both good and bad, that Anna has erected over the years and shed light on her power’s origins. And when the covert organization seeking to recruit her crosses the line by kidnapping her friend, it will discover just how far Anna is willing to go to bring it down.

I received a copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!
What I say: First up I'm going to offer my apologies for the huge delay in posting this review. I was sure I'd posted it ages ago. Anyway, onto the post...
After loving Rysa Walker's Chronos Files I was thrilled to read The Delphi Effect. I loved the paranormal aspects and Anna charmed me from the start.
Anna has an unusual gift (or gifts), which, whilst I found intruding, have landed her in all manner of trouble. She communicates with ghosts in a very unexpected way. These spirits take over her body to share their demands and memories with her. This is both dangerous and traumatic for Anna. She finds herself becoming more and more susceptible to the ghosts and their will. She battles losing herself whilst trying to help them.
I liked her friendship with Deo who was always fabulous. I also appreciated her determination to help Molly considering the big risks. Some of the truths she uncovers are very upsetting and may be a little too dark for younger readers.

There's nothing quite like some super sassy characters to bring out the charm in a big old YA mystery...

4 Stars in my Sky!


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