28 October 2016

Demon Hunters: Trinity - Review

Demon Hunters: Trinity - Demon Hunters #1
by Olivia Chase

What they say: On her 16th birthday, self-reliant Diana is dragged from London to Edinburgh. Her occult-obsessed father is investigating a spooky murder in the city. She is used to trailing in his wake, but this time things are different. An encounter with an enigmatic young man, a disturbing message left in her bedroom . . . and her dad taken hostage by a demon. To top it all, her two new friends inform her she's a Demon Hunter. 

Can life get any weirder? Will Diana rescue her dad, learn how to defeat enemies she never knew she had, and come to terms with her new destiny? 

Turning sixteen just turned deadly.

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I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange fro an honest review!

What I say: The best way for me to describe the book is as a kind of Supernatural, Buffy & Charmed mash up with a quirky mythological YA paranormal fantasy twist. Yep sorry that doesn't really help.

I have to admit I was expecting to find Diana annoying, and although I did experience a few eye-rolling moments, I liked her. I found how she went from smiling at a cute boy, to fighting against evil, and then back again all without getting whiplash highly amusing - which often annoys me in books.
The pacing of the story is pretty speedy - We meet Diana as she's travelling to her new home in Edinburgh, then not long afterwards the big bad has appeared. With a Dad who reminded me of Giles from Buffy, she adapts pretty well to the sudden turn of events and drama.

At first I wasn't 100% sure what to make of Minerva and Vesta, but they definitely grew on me. I really liked the sweet bond between the girls. The same goes for Sebastian who I really didn't like at first, but he won me over. Alex was definitely a conundrum (don't worry no spoilers) and I have high hopes for what happens next.

The classics geek in me loved the history behind their names,  plus the utilisation of well known myths alongside local legends. Come on what happens next...?

4 Stars in my Sky!

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