17 October 2016

A Night Without Stars - Review

A Night Without Stars - The Lola Chronicles
by Jillian Eaton

What they say: You might know vampires...but you don't know Lola. 

Sixteen-year-old Lola Sanchez is no hero. Snarky, rebellious, and completely fed up with her life, she has one goal: graduate high school and get the hell out of her small hometown. Until a night of terror and bloodshed changes everything...forever. 

Now the only thing Lola wants to do is survive. But how can she survive when everything she knows has been destroyed and the one person she thought she could trust ends up being the most dangerous person of all?

Please Note: 'A Night Without Stars' was previously published as a novella entitled 'Pitch' in 2012. It is now a full length novel. All reviews prior to 01/21/14 are for 'Pitch'.

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I received a copy from YA Bound in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: I have to admit I wasn't expecting to like Lola. BUT although she's rash, kinda foolhardy and definitely abrupt, I did like her. Lola's antics and dark tone made me smile in a cynical, Marvin, the Paranoid Android kinda way. 

Lola definitely finds more then she bargained for when an act of teenage rebellion leads to an unsettling discovery and a whole heap of trouble. Not only is Lola facing an unhelpful Dad but also a town full of homicidal vampires. So of course she drags her studious long suffering best friend, Travis along for the ride.

Lola is snarky but in an entertaining kinda way. She seems to continuously find herself in terrifying and dramatic situations, but she's a survivor who just won't quit. 

I liked Maximus who constantly reminded me of a certain character from a well know alien invasion series (too spoilery to name). Who doesn't like a handsome stranger?

The story is short and action packed but be warned there is a cliffy...!

3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!


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