24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Plans

Happy Christmas Eve gals and guys!

As you've probably figured out by now (after the MANY Christmassy pics I've posted on Twitter & FB) I'm spending Christmas in the French Alps snowboarding.

In France they go all out on Christmas Eve with special dinners, visits from Père Noël - he gives out sweeties and vin chaud over here so it's worth finding him. Singing carols is really popular in the mountains & lots of kids open some of their presents tonight - It's all about family time! 

We tend to spend Christmas Eve in the pub after spending the day snowboarding. BUT In a bid to not feel terrible all Christmas day, my plan is to curl up with a good book & drink some Get 27 (yummy mint liqueur) with hot choccy - I'll let you know how successful I am with this tomorrow. (not very)!

But in the meantime HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE and enjoy the night however you spend it.

Check back tomorrow for my special Christmas & New Year giveaway...


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