1 June 2020

Review - Live Like Legends

Out today!

Live Like Legends
by Kate Cornell

What they say: Princess Kalista spent her entire life preparing to be the wife of a prince from a peaceful kingdom. But then she is instead forced to marry the warrior prince of a cursed land. An immortal beast ravages Prince Carson’s kingdom, and now she’s expected to kill it because of some legend about her bloodline. But as lessons in swordplay lead to lessons in love, her destiny puts more than just her life at risk…

Releasing 1st June (US) 

I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: I enjoyed Kalista's story. It's a short and sweet fantasy full of drama and YA-friendly romance.

The fantasy element and world-building are not overdone. I would have liked a little more information if I'm honest. I enjoyed the Lost in Translation elements and felt Kalista's anguish at not being understood or not being able to communicate with Carson. 

The romance was a slow burn, at least to Kalista who seems confused by her feelings.  The romance was hampered not just by the language barrier but corrupt courts and individuals serving their own purpose.

I figured out the monster element early on but where I usually find characters stumbling around missing the obvious annoying, here I found it endearing. There are still a few answered questions (don't worry no spoilers here).

I enjoyed seeing Kalista stand up for herself and becoming more than just the 'peace-child' to be sold off to forge alliances with other realms/countries. The reverse fantasy princess element worked well. Kalista is never going to be happy sitting around waiting for the prince to save her. I would have liked more character development with Carson. Plus the country of Estral is still something of a mystery.

Live Like Legends made me smile and wish I could have my own (monster free) adventure.

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


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