17 April 2017

Easter winners!

Easter Crossword, Word search & quiz results

Book swag winners & solutions: 

Crossword - winner is Mark C

Word search - winner is Christine

Easter quiz - Bella:

In which Beatles song are the lyrics “I am the eggman, they are the eggmen” ?
- I am the Walrus

Alice’s friend – anagram: Hitter Babe With
- The White Rabbit

What were Cadbury’s Creme/Cream Eggs previously called?
- Fry’s (Border) Crème Eggs

Who wrote Green Eggs and Ham?
- Dr. Seuss

Which chocolate product had the following slogan? “Take it easy.”
 -Cadbury’s Caramel

Where does the famous New York Easter Parade take place?
 -5th Avenue

Anagram of a famous animal: Riot Grabber
- Roger Rabbit

What does Joyeuses  Pâques mean?
- Happy Easter (in French)

Name the famous Russian jeweller known for his eggs?
- Peter Carl Fabergé/Karl Gustavovich Fabergé

What is Shrove Tuesday known as in France?
- Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)

Anagram (he loves to bounce): The Rump
 - Thumper

Traditionally how many marzipan balls go on a simnel cake?
- 11 (12 disciples minus Judas)

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