16 April 2017

Easter Swag Quiz

Happy Easter lovelies

Did you manage to solve my crossword and word search yesterday? 
If not you can enter here!

I also have a special Easter/Spring/Chocolate themed quiz today where I have even more bookish goodies up for grabs (deffo a different prize I promise).

To enter you can message, email, FB or tweet me with the answers to the below quiz questions and I'll pick a random winner...

  1. In which Beatles song are the lyrics “I am the eggman, they are the eggmen” ?
  2. Alice’s friend – anagram: Hitter Babe With
  3. What were Cadbury’s Creme/Cream Eggs previously called?
  4. Who wrote Green Eggs and Ham?
  5. Which chocolate product had the following slogan? “Take it easy.”
  6. Where does the famous New York Easter Parade take place?
  7. Anagram of a famous animal: Riot Grabber
  8. What does Joyeuses PĂ¢ques mean?
  9. Name the famous Russian jeweller known for his eggs?
  10. What is Shrove Tuesday known as in France?
  11. Anagram (he loves to bounce): The Rump
  12. Traditionally how many marzipan balls go on a simnel cake?


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