1 November 2014

Remember When Review

Remember When
by T. Torrest

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What they say: Years before Trip Wiley could be seen on movie screens all over the world, he could be seen sitting in the desk behind me in my high school English class. 
This was back in 1990, and I cite the year only to avoid dumbfounding you when references to big hair or stretch pants are mentioned. Although, come to think of it, I am from Northern New Jersey, which may serve as explanation enough. We were teenagers then, way back in a time before anyone, himself included, could even dream he’d turn into the Hollywood commodity that he is today. 

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you who Trip Wiley is. But on the off chance you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, just know that these days, he’s the actor found at the top of every casting director’s wish list. He’s incredibly talented and insanely gorgeous, the combination of which has made him very rich, very famous and very desirable. 

And not just to casting directors, either. 

I can’t confirm any of the gossip from his early years out in Tinseltown, but based on what I knew of his life before he was famous, I can tell you that the idea of Girls-Throwing-Themselves-At-Trip is not a new concept. 

I should know. I was one of them. 

And my life hasn’t been the same since.

I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: I'm pretty late to the party with Remember When but I'm glad I made the time to read T. Torrest's coming of age story. I loved the nostalgia and musical references used throughout the story, although I'd quite happily forget about scrunchies. 

The story is told retrospectively but is set in early 1990's America. The story focuses on teenager Layla and her last year of high school, where she meets new boy Trip. It's a bit of a slow burn at times as the action takes a while to build but once the story got going I found it enjoyable and sweet. I was a young child in the 1990's and appreciated the insight Torrest gave readers who were too young to remember it.

Layla both amused and irritated me because she's a little immature at times, but with all coming of age stories, this is to be expected. Layla definitely matures and learns many lessons

My favourite character was definitely Trip. He managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls which often happen to characters in similar books; he's nice enough to be really likeable but has enough edge and charm to be swoon worthy and irresistible. 

The secondary characters made me smile. The friendship between the girls, Lisa and Layla was realistic because it wasn't always perfect.

I was expecting the story to be told across several time periods and wasn't expecting the ending - BUT I was pleased with the ending because it wasn't predictable or cheesy. I'm looking forward to catching up with an adult Layla in the next book.

3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!


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