28 September 2019

Author Spotlight - Eloise Williams

Eloise Williams the fab author of Gaslight and Seaglass, has recently been named the Children’s Laureate Wales for 2019 – 2021. 

To celebrate, I'm highlighting the fab Gaslight!

What they say: 1899. All Nansi knows is that her mother disappeared on the day she was fished out of Cardiff docks. She can't remember anything else.

Now, with no other family to turn to, she works for Sid at the Empire Theatre, sometimes legally, sometimes thieving to order, trying to earn enough money to hire a detective to find her mother.

Everything changes when Constance and Violet join the theatre, both with their own dark secrets. Nansi is forced to be part of Violet's crooked psychic act. But it's when Constance recognises her, and realises who her mother must be, that Nansi's world is turned upside down forever. She is soon on the run for her life and she will have to risk everything if she's going to find the truth.

Gaslight on GR!

To find out more about Eloise head here!

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