18 August 2018

Freak 'N' Gorgeous - Review

Freak 'N' Gorgeous
by Sebastian J. Plata

What they say: Everyone is ugly sometimes.

In a world not unlike our own, there is a phenomenon called the INEXPLICABLE DEVELOPMENT—a rare occurrence with permanent consequences.

Average-looking, under-the-radar sixteen-year-old Konrad Wolnik's life is turned upside down when, one morning, he wakes up stunningly attractive. 

That same day, his classmate, Camilla Hadi, has her own transformation; the lean, pretty athlete is now devastatingly ugly.

The teens face the cruel world of high school from very different perspectives. Konrad shoots to the top of the pecking order, Camilla slips into pariah status. But soon the school starts rallying around Camilla, and Konrad’s sudden popularity sours as people blame him for her transformation. And, the truth is, so does she. 

All he wants is for everyone to like him. All she wants is to destroy his perfect life. 

So what if they could use each other for personal gain?

Told in dual POV, Sebastian J. Plata's debut is a hilarious, scathing look at society's unrealistic beauty standards and the intense pressures of high school. Perfect for fans of The DUFF and Winger.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Inexplicable Developments or IDs aka overnight miracles, are an albeit rare but accepted part of life in Freak 'N' Gorgeous. When Konrad wakes up more handsome than a supermodel he can't believe his luck. What a fab ID for him, or is it?! Camilla on the other hand suffers the opposite fate with her ID and finds herself extremely ugly, to the point where nobody wants to look at her.

The story is fun and angst filled. Sebastian J. Plata takes the usual teen drama and then really ups the ante. Konrad discovers that beauty isn't everything. He finds his new body and face may come at a huge cost and struggles to adapt. Camilla switches between anguish and anger before trying to find out who is to blame for her upsetting ID.

Konrad and Camilla form a bond over their ID and slowly begin to learn that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder; that to be happy they need to focus on other things. I liked their friendship - it's a slow burner, going from dislike to true camaraderie.    

I liked the idea of testing the limits of beauty, and that all actions have consequences. Plata points out that sometimes bad things do happen to good people, but the strength of character is how people deal with these upsetting events.

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


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