15 March 2018

New Release - The Heart of Mars

The Heart of Mars - The Lora Trilogy #3
by Paul Magrs

is out today!!

The finale in the Lora trilogy, following Lost on Mars and The Martian Girl.
After trekking the Martian deserts and battling against many dangers, Lora and Peter bravely set off to find the Ancient Heart of Mars and rescue Ma and Hannah. But warned by Sook, Lora discovers that the Ancients, who seem friendly, are actually the group mind of the burning heart of Mars itself. They have been disturbed by the human settlers ... and they want the ten Earth starships for themselves. Can their allies reach them in time? Or does Toaster, Lora’s faithful walking talking sunbed have the answers that may yet save them all...?

Published by Firefly Press.

Buy here!


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