25 March 2018

Bakes and Books on Sunday

My first official Book Bake

I really flipping love baking! Along with reading, baking is a relaxation aide and a form of therapy for me. Both inspire and calm me just in very different ways. Baking is a great way to focus and quiet my busy mind, with a yummy outcome to boot.

After going on a healthy eating kick last year I haven't made many cakes in recent months. This is a huge shame because I really miss it. Also to be honest I don't have as much free time to put on my Queen of Cupcakes apron on these days. I came to a recent decision that I'm going to try to make time for something I love so much. I need to remember that just because I've made the cake, I don't have to eat it all, especially when I have so many ready and willing cake tasters living nearby (plus I'm really more of a savoury gal at heart anyway).

So I grabbed my apron and made this calorific Jaffa cake sponge. It's huge, not particularly pretty, but tastes super yummy and went really well with a nice cuppa whilst I organised my TBR.

A heads-up my bookish bakes are cakes to enjoy whilst reading and are not necessarily book themed/related.

Happy Sunday lovelies x


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