8 June 2017

Weird and Wonderful - Tour

Weird and Wonderful
by Cece Barlow

Genre: YA Contemporary Fiction
Release Date: February 13th 2017

What they say: Gin Autry must finish the last semester of high school in eclectic Austin with her hippie grandmother while Gin’s brother waits for heart surgery in Houston.

Instability reigns, but Gin uses the principles of feng shui to find balance and send positive energy to her brother. She also secretly hopes her voice-over actress dream will advance and true love will show up.

Instead, she falls for the wrong guy and clings to the wrong dream. Nothing in Gin’s life is balanced, but when death threatens her brother, she discovers true balance is about listening, compromise, and the guy in the friend zone.  


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I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Weird and Wonderful is a cute, quick, Young Adult coming of age story about love, loss, family and sugar gliders.

Gin is a dreamer. She wants to escape from her unusual family and chase her Anime dreams. With such big dreams she has to learn to balance her expectations without compromising her goals. To say Gin's family is unorthodox is a bit of an understatement but I liked her quirky family, some more so than others.

Gin discovers that people are not always what they seem, that having different opinions is not necessarily a bad thing. I wasn't so keen on her parents but really liked her kooky Grandma. I also wanted to know more about Nate.

I couldn't really make my mind up about Gin. She's quite immature at times and I struggled to connect with her voice, but I appreciated her determination and loyalty. 

I liked Aaron. He's probably the most balanced and mature character in the story. I did feel as though certain characters took advantage of his reliability and kindness sometimes.

The pacing is a little slow at times but I think this is largely because of my confusion about Gin. I liked the message and Gin's optimistic outlook. We should never stop dreaming, but look for a way to balance our ambitions.
3 Stars in my Sky!

Book Trailer: 

Guest post - Sugar Glider Primer:

In Weird and Wonderful, Gin Autry rescues two sugar gliders from the dumpster. You may be wondering what in the heck is a sugar glider.

  1. Found wild in the forests of Australia and New Zealand.
  2. Marsupials, or pouched mammals.
  3. Petaurus breviceps, which means 'short-headed rope dancer'.
  4. Weighs 4.3 ounces.
  5. Length is 12 inches.
  6. Males are larger than females.
  7. Flaps of skin between fore and hind legs for gliding.
  8. A semi-prehensile tail.
  9. Five fingered paws.
  10. Oodles of adorableness and weirdness. 

Author Spotlight:

Cece Barlow writes books for young adults and the young at heart. She's a a dash of fun, mixed in with some smart cookie and a splash of capable. She started her first fan fiction group in junior high and never stopped writing. Today, she writes about girls with lofty dreams and about the absolute craziness of falling in love.

When Cece's not writing, she curls up with a book, heads to a popcorn blockbuster, or kicks back to watch shooting stars. If she sees the moon in the daytime, she thinks she's lucky.

Cece lives in College Station, Texas with her college sweetheart Tim and two cats - one evil and one good.


5 winners get a signed book plus a signed doodle.

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