28 January 2022

Coming Soon - The Dark Prince

Ooh intriguing... 

The Dark Prince
by H.M. Ward

What they say: The 1st novel in a new, dark series by New York Times bestselling Author H.M. Ward 

If you've not read a YA/ late-teen book by this author, please look at this list to help you get an idea of what the book will feel like:

TROPES: Dystopian rebellion, fighting the unstoppable, chosen one, enemies to friends, fated soulmates, destined enemies falling in love,  evil lords, first love, betrayal, frenemies, angst

THEMES: War, Dystopian Earth, Power Struggle, Monarchy, End Days/ Apocalypse

MYTHOS: Year 2053. Humans are dying out. Plague, famine, w/ a war to end all wars on the brink. Witches & humans worked together to keep the Fae bound within the earth, but as the earth dies, the bindings weaken. A new age of 'magic' is upon us as the world passes through a cosmic layline. The fight for the crown begins. War looms, power must be taken to keep humanity safe, but the fight for the throne threatens to destroy them all. 

TONE: Dark paranormal/ fantasy

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