1 April 2018

Easter Quiz

Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate.

Here's a mini challenge for you if you fancy a break from scoffing chocolate...

I love a quiz and often find myself in the role of quizmaster for my friends, family and colleagues. So I've got a mini Easter/Spring/Chocolate themed quiz below where you can win a mystery bookish prize.

Email, message or tweet me with the correct answers and you'll go in the draw to win the prize. Oh and in the spirit of Easter no cheating!!

1. Unscramble the name of a famous Easter character: RESTEA NYNUB
2. Which big dancing star co-starred with Judy Garland in "Easter Parade?"
3. Which famous Easter song includes the lyrics, 'One a penny two a penny'?
4. Where did the legend of the Easter Bunny originate?
5. What colour eggs doesn't "Sam I am" like in the Dr. Seuss book?
6. Gifts that we share at Easter time: TSAERE GSEG
7. Who was Alice chasing when she fell down the hole into Wonderland?
8. What famous cartoon bunny is best known for his famous line, "Ehh, what's up, doc?"
9. Who was the invisible rabbit Jimmy Stewart imagines he sees in the movie of the same name?
10. Name the classic book by Margery Williams about how toys become real?
11. How long is Lent?
12. Unscramble this Easter anagram: Purest pals


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