7 November 2017

Love's Great Adventure - Sale


I hope you're ready for a fresh and exciting new romance. 
Theresa Troutman's Love's Great Adventure is nearly too good to be true and it's yours for free…


"Unruly. Disobedient. Reckless. I've heard it all. And quite frankly, they're right. Which is why I got shipped overseas to 'start over'. And America wasn't all that great. Until her... Tess Hamilton. She's pure, sweet, and everything I'm not. And I'll try like Hell to be if it means I can have her. But Tess won't let me in - won't give me anything I want."

Love's Great Adventure is an incredible story of heart-stopping chemistry between two lovers from different worlds. Fate deals this pair a challenging hand, get your copy of this book and you'll be dying to find out if this new-found infatuation can withstand it. As this story heats up and the plot thickens you'll be begging for more.

Don't hesitate, this amazing new romance release isn't going to read itself. Get your copy now and settle in for a very pleasurable time.



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