19 February 2016


NAMELESS - Broken City #1
by Jessica Sorensen

What they say:  I live in a world where freedom doesn't exist, and life is a battle for survival. Most people aren't even allowed to have names.

But I had a name once. I was Allura until the Wardens captured me.

They told me I was a Nameless. That I was no one, and my sole purpose was to obey them. And, for a while, I believed them.

I spent years living underground in the channels beneath the city, dreaming of being outside again. I never thought it would happen. That I'd die in the darkness of my cell.

But then three guys show up in the channels and my fate suddenly changes.

Blaise, Ryder, and Reece are part of a secret group working to take down the Wardens and help rescue the Nameless. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I might survive.

But the outside world isn't like how I remember. The city has become even more dangerous, especially for the Nameless. To survive, I'll have to learn how to trust the guys and live in a world full of crime where almost everyone is hunting for me.

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I received a copy from Shh Mom's Reading in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: NAMELESS is the first instalment in Jessica Sorensen's latest YA series. The best way I can describe the book without giving anything away, is as a 'dystopian urban fantasy supernatural' crossover.

Allura is a Nameless. In her dark world Nameless are people with no freedom or control over their lives. They live in fear of the Wardens and are often trapped inside their own minds. When she is rescued she suddenly finds herself liberated but confused and frightened.

Allura has to learn who to trust and how to survive as something more than Nameless. Blaise, Ryder, and Reece offer her freedom but greater risk and danger. I really loved the concept and Sorensen's world-building really helped me to visualise this dark world and the different characters living in it.

There is a hint of future romance - I have a clear favourite when it comes to potential suitors for Allura, but I appreciated how the book is about far more than kissing and boy dramas.

NAMELESS serves as a solid introduction to a new series - it's full to the brim with potential. Plus I really liked the main characters.

4 Stars in my Sky!


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