4 May 2015

Winner, Winner! British Book Affair Swag Giveaway

There were lots of entries into the swag giveaway & I just wanted to say thanks & that I have LOTS more swag, goodies & of course books to giveaway soon, so watch this space...

I just wanted to post a reminder to please make sure you post correct links, twitter names etc, because there were a LOT of incorrect ones this time and I had to disqualify some people (which I hate doing).

The winner is:

Sonja E (F)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Sonja you have 3 days to reply to winner notification before I redraw.

You won:

(Only mentioned items are signed!)

2 x bracelets
1 x Tangled chapstick
1 x The Raven button pin
2 x temp tattoos
Bookmarks: Michelle A. Valentine (signed), Jodi Ellen Malpas (signed), Kirsty Moseley (signed).
Cards: Tillie Cole (signed), Rebecca Donovan, Aurora Rose Reynolds (signed), Carrie Elks (signed).
Card With Necklace G.J. Walker-Smith
Mini-book charm.

Giveaway T&C's:
I cannot be held accountable for winners & prizes - I am not responsible for missing prizes & anything lost in transit. Prizes will not be replaced (but proof of postage is gained). I check all entries before giving out prizes to make sure your entry is still valid. I'm sorry kiddies but you need to be 18 or older to enter, or have a parent enter for your (or have recognised parental permission) as some of the books are for adults. I have purchased these prizes for giveaway purposes or been given them by authors/pr/publishers. The giveaway is not linked to the publisher, author, company, or any social media unless stated otherwise. If you're not legally allowed to enter then your entry is void. Incomplete entries or giveaway only accounts are also void!! 


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