9 April 2023

Easter Read - The Dinosaur that Pooped Easter

The Dinosaur the Pooped Easter!
by Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher

What they say: Danny and Dino's big Easter tradition

was hunting for eggs on a chocolatey mission.
This year they were looking in Fairytale Land.
They needed some eggs for a feast they had planned!

Danny and Dino are searching for Easter eggs in Fairytale Land! They hunt up beanstalks and inside the houses of the three pigs, and soon they have plenty of chocolate treats. But when they take an egg from a magical cave, they get into trouble with the cave's owner... a grumpy dragon! Can Dino's quick thinking and rumbly tummy save the day?

This hilarious addition to the new lift-the-flap series features a host of hidden surprises. The poop-filled adventure is written by bestselling author duo Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter, and brought to life by the preposterously talented Gary Parsons.

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