7 September 2020

Am Reading - Stranger

by Heather C. Myers

What they say: When seventeen year old Sophie Harper gets to the Academy for Peculiars, she’s already killed a man. She learns her superhuman strength not only stigmatizes her as a peculiar – a human with abnormal DNA – but isolates her even further due to how rare her ability is. As she settles into her new home, she makes friends with her dorm mates, stresses out about catching up with schoolwork, and starts dating one of the most popular guys at the academy. 

However, as normal as Sophie wants to be, she can’t change the fact that she’s different, even among peculiars. She starts falling for her trainer, a rugged shifter named Will, who frustrates her to no end, and learns about the only other person who shares her ability, a man everyone refuses to talk about. She starts to realize that being what she is means more than just being strong and that just because her mysterious counterpart understands her doesn’t mean he isn’t a threat.

YA goodness!!


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