20 January 2020

Book Box Club Unboxing Jan 2020

Book Box Club Unboxing Jan 2020

After meeting the lovelies ladies at YALC last summer I kept meaning to sign up to @bookbloxclub. I'm embarrassed that it took me so long to give it a try. I received my first box the other day, which is the Jan 2020 'Deadly Secrets' box.

You can watch my first attempt at an unboxing video at the bottom of this post. Please ignore the poor quality, wrong angle and my general awkwardness and non-photogenic face. I will try to get better at these!

I went for the full subscription for six months. You can select monthly, or 3 monthly, as well as signing up for the pure books version, which comes without the swag and goodies.

The box itself:
It comes in a very cute and neat turquoise box, with paper filling to protect the books and goodies, plus very attractive gift wrap around the book (or in this case books).

Books - The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliot and The Pure Heart by Trudi Tweedie.

A special clubhouse invite with personalised access code to chat to the authors.

Voldemort magnetic bookmark by Magic Bookmarks. This is a very sweet cartoon Voldemort.

A Deadly bath skull from Pretty Suds. It smells absolutely delightful!

A Mia Corvere candle by Amelia's Kitcheners hen Candles. I love the shimmer to the dandle and it too smells Devine!

Dracula's Castle Such from Iron & Ink. I haven't fully decided whether ton sue it as a makeup bag or pencil case just yet. I love the design, it could even be Hogwarts it's lovely. Finally The Unforgetting Bookmark from Orion Books. More swag baby!!

The theme is fab and I love how well matched all the items are. I'll be reading the two books over the next couple of weeks, so watch out for my reviews shortly!

My Unboxing video:

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