2 October 2019

Whatcha Reading Wednesday - Girl of Fire

A whole lotta detail in this one. Swords at the ready...!

Girl of Fire
by Gabrielle Mathieu 

What they say: Eighteen-year-old Berona only wants to roam free in the hills while she daydreams of a suitor who would dance with her—until the night the Water Demon hunts her down. To save her family from the Demon’s threats, she flees with a heretic magician convinced that Berona is the prophesied Girl of Fire. He promises to train her in the skills she will need to defeat their ancient enemy. Their journey is fraught with challenges, and Berona questions her destiny. How can she be the Girl of Fire when she has yet to wield a sword? But the Water Demon doesn’t fight with swords. She corrupts your very soul. As alliances crumble, the Demon infiltrates Berona's circle of trusted fighters and friends. Steeling herself against her broken heart, fearing the traitor within her ranks, Berona vows to prove the prophecy is her destiny.

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