3 April 2019

Whatcha Reading Wednesday - Mindstormer

This week I'm reading a book released a couple of years ago that I keep forgetting to read...

Mindstormer - Mindwalker #2
by A.J. Steiger

What they say: When Lain Fisher wakes up in a hospital bed she can't remember anything of the last few months. As a mindwalker herself she knows about erasing peoples memories. She just never thought that she would need that to happen to her. Before she can get any answers to her questions she is rescued by two young men, one of whom she remembers and the other is a stranger to her. With them she reconnects to her lost memories, discovers things about IFEN she couldn't have imagined and realises that the stranger is someone with whom she has a long and complicated history.

Soon the battle for survival is personal and Lain and Stuart and the others in the rebel group are fighting to make big changes to the world as they know it.

A gripping novel about the power of knowledge, the importance of the truth, and the tyranny of secrets.

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