24 December 2018

The Shadow Kingdom - Review

The Shadow Kingdom
by C.J. Inkson

What they say: Elliot West stands vigil as Watchman, on the lookout for signs the Shadow Curse may be spreading across the Barrier Strait to her small northern isle. But in all the centuries since the curse was cast, no one, including Eli, has seen a thing, and even she is beginning to wonder if it’s all some grand hoax. That is, until she's ambushed by the Lojkin, a warrior clan from the Shadow Kingdom who believe drinking the blood of someone with color will restore their own- stolen generations ago by the Curse. 

Against her will, Eli is taken across the sea to the cursed Shadow Kingdom, waiting to be slaughtered as a sacrifice to foreign gods. Just when it seems her death is imminent, a young man with shifting tattoos and a questionable motive, helps her escape, setting them on a dangerous path through strange lands in an attempt to get home.

What I say: The Shadow Kingdom was a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand the concept is interesting - imagine a world without colour where there are only shades of black and white?! On the other hand there are some elements such as the tribes that I wasn't sure of and made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Rumour is that the shadow curse is dangerous and has the potential to spread throughout the world. Eli is tasked with watching out for any potential spread of the curse into her land. The trouble is nobody is sure if the curse is even real. Until Eli finds herself dragged headfirst into the middle of a mysterious conspiracy with the Lojkin.

For the most part I liked Eli who goes through a lot in a short space of time. Some of her choices are pretty questionable 

I have to admit I did find the story a little difficult to follow at times with although combined mythology and complicated world building. I couldn't quite make up my mind about Tren either, but I did like the tatts though!

Oh the drama!

3 Stars in my Sky!


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